Invest in Nature.
Restore biodiversity.
Remove carbon at scale.

How to solve the world's biggest challenge​

We have a limited window of time to mitigate the effects of excessive carbon emissions and reach global climate targets such as the Paris agreement, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. 

Natural climate solutions (NCS) will play a key role in mitigating climate change. NCS could address around a third of global GHG emissions reductions needed by 2030 while simultaneously offering a multitude of co-benefits for biodiversity, soil and water quality and the livelihood in rural communities of forest-rich countries such as Colombia. 

NatureRe Capital AG mobilizes investments into highest quality projects to restore nature and protect biodiversity at scale.

Who we are and what drives us

We are NatureRe. We invest in nature and remove carbon at scale whilst restoring biodiversity. And we do it in a profitable manner.

We are a diverse team of seasoned professionals in the fields of nature restoration and impact investing, deeply caring for Mother Earth and united by our mission to direct impact investing towards nature.

How we operate

We identify land
We restore forests
We certify projects
We sell credits
We manage returns

Rethinking Investments.
Restoring Nature.

NatureRe offers a unique model for success.

Forward-thinking investment product

Through our lean and unique model, we offer high-quality, cost-efficient carbon removal at scale, while having a strong impact on nature, biodiversity, local communities and the ecosystem as a whole.


Largest carbon project developer

SouthPole as one of our main shareholders and operating partner brings 15+ years of leading experience in project development, carbon finance and certification processes as well as global on-site infrastructure.

Global & diverse experienced team

As a Swiss-based asset manager, we combine extensive fund, impact-investing and financial knowledge with leading expertise in decarbonization strategies and nature restoration.


> 5,000

hectares of land restored (estimation for first project)

+1.0 mil

tons of co2 eq sequestered (estimation for first project)

Impacting nature, biodiversity and people

We are driven by our joint vision to restore nature at scale and thus measure success beyond financial returns.