Invest in Nature
Restore biodiversity
Remove carbon at scale

Building the next generation of carbon and biodiversity contributions

We are NatureRe. We invest in nature and remove carbon at scale whilst restoring biodiversity. And we do it in a profitable manner.

We have been developing carbon removal projects based on nature restoration for 10 years. Thanks to our highly qualitative next generation solution, we permanently restore entire ecosystems and reinvent the carbon market.

We are a diverse team of seasoned professionals in the fields of nature restoration and impact investing, deeply caring for Mother Earth and united by our mission to direct impact investing towards nature.


Facing a climate and biodiversity crisis

“The deployment of carbon removals to counterbalance hard-to-abate residual emissions is unavoidable if net zero targets are to be achieved” (IPCC, 2022). Despite recent concerns about carbon offsetting, companies that engage in the Voluntary Carbon Market are reducing their own emissions faster and are 1.8x more likely to be decarbonising year-over-year.

Nature is the only way to fight climate change, water and biodiversity loss at the same time. Fortunately, it is available quickly, at scale and with great value for money. We provide impact-minded corporates and investors with high-quality solutions based on nature restoration.

How we operate

We purchase unproductive land sites
We plan and restore entire ecosystems
We oversee and certify projects
We deliver carbon credits
We manage exit ensuring conservation

Rethinking Investments.
Restoring Nature.

NatureRe offers a unique model for success.

Forward-thinking investment product

Through our lean and unique model, we offer high-quality, cost-efficient carbon removal at scale, while having a strong impact on nature, biodiversity, local communities and the ecosystem as a whole.

Local expert restoration team

Our local team provides expert ecosystem restoration knowledge and ensure the protection of the land. We are supported by local partners e.g. South Pole Colombia providing 15+ years of experience in project development.

Global & diverse experienced team

As a Swiss-based asset manager, we combine extensive impact-investing knowledge with leading expertise in decarbonisation strategies and nature restoration, creating an experienced and dedicated team.

> 5,000

hectares of land restored (estimation for first project)

+1.0 mil

tons of co2 eq sequestered (estimation for first project)

Impacting nature, biodiversity and people

We are driven by our joint vision to restore nature at scale and thus measure success beyond financial returns.