Catona Climate and NatureRe partner to scale up the development of high quality nature based removal projects.

By joining forces, Catona Climate and NatureRe will connect impact-minded investors with high-quality, development-stage nature-based removal solutions and allow depleted land to regenerate at scale.

Catona Climate sources, invests in, and rigorously monitors carbon removal projects around the world, curating a vast portfolio of high-impact, high-quality carbon credits with biodiversity and social co-benefits. Their mission is to “use finance as a tool to restore nature, beat back climate change, and protect humanity’s most valuable asset of all: Earth.”

Currently working with corporates such as Microsoft, Edison Energy and Clarity AI, Catona Climate has chosen NatureRe as one of their preferred suppliers of nature-based carbon removal solutions.

With more than 10 years of track record in restoring degraded lands in Colombia, one of the most biodiverse country in the world, NatureRe has pioneered Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), which takes advantage of natural regrowth processes to restore entire ecosystems. This next generation of nature based solutions ensure high resilience, cost efficient carbon credits, strong biodiversity and social co-benefits. The progress is measured and verified on a regular basis by a combination of satellite data and on-site measurements.